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Adult Stuttering: Helpful Advice to Manage Stutter Problem


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Have you seen the Oscar-winning film ‘The King’s Speech? If you haven’t, well, it narrates the story of England’s King George VI who had a stuttering problem and how he struggled to overcome his fear of speaking before the people of Great Britain. In the US, stuttering or stammering affects over three million Americans. Now, what is stuttering and how does it affect a stutterer’s daily life?

Stuttering is a speech impediment that is manifested by broken repetitions (da – da – da – dad), prolongations (hhhhhhhhhhhhhelp), or blocking (no sound or feeling of having their mouth stuck). When a person stammers, he or she might also experience unusual facial or body movements. Do you want us to help you develop self-confidence and effectively manage your stammering? We at All Care Home Health Services are all set to assist you with our speech therapy program.

All Care Home Health Services in 18th Avenue Brooklyn, New York provides communication support sessions such as voice and conversation exercises and will evaluate speech capacity of patients. Our skilled speech therapists will assess your speech condition and will devise an individualized care plan to eliminate your stammering and improve your speaking ability.

An optimistic approach and persistence to cooperate with our speech program are essential for a successful result. Now, we want you to make a difference in your life and take this sound advice from our speech therapists at All Care Home Health Services.

1.Acknowledge your stutter problem.
Learn to recognize your stammering and be honest about it. This is the first step for you to reach out and seek advice to professionals. Our qualified speech therapists will work with you and help you develop speech fluency and boost your self-esteem.

2.Make some lifestyle changes.
In order to succeed with the therapy, you need to modify your lifestyle. You have to avoid trying NOT to stutter but instead gradually lose your avoidance in saying words, speaking to people or speaking engagements. Structure management techniques or join clubs like Toastmasters or Toastmixers.

3.Get a speech therapist to help you.
Our speech therapist from All Care Home Health Services will provide you vital information in regard to your stammering and guide you all throughout the process during speech therapies. We will encourage you to get involve as well in a local stuttering support group. This will help you build a support system that you can share your burdens with and inspire you to keep going.

4.Express yourself in any way possible.

Try to speak slowly and deliberately. Also, watch or listen to any recordings of yourself during speech situations. Try to eliminate avoidances such as substituting words to evade from stuttering. Instead take note of words you normally stammer and use it in conversations as much as possible.

5.Keep a positive attitude and never give up!

An old maxim from sage Syrus says, “Practice is the best of all instructors.” Develop a mastery on the fluency model, read books on how to properly manage stammering behaviors, and practice a method during your stuttering method i.e. learning to relax and not holding back when saying syllables.

Contact All Care Home Health Services in 18th Avenue Brooklyn, New York at 718-234-2273 or log in to our website at to learn more about our speech therapy program.

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