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Adult Incontinence: What are the proper techniques in changing a diaper?


patient and caregiver

When health caregivers discuss the topic about changing diapers among your elderly loved ones who are bedridden or incontinent, oftentimes family members might feel that sense of discomfort to a taboo subject especially when it is seen as a stigma in the public eye. But one must be properly oriented, that in cases like these, ailing seniors need particular attention to their physical needs, understand the underlying condition and to educate the family about proper techniques in cleaning and changing adult diapers.

All Care Home Health Services in 18th Avenue Brooklyn New York offers health care solutions for adults and seniors with a wide-range of services from skilled nursing, physical, occupational, and speech therapies to home health aide. Complete assistance with grooming, bathing, toileting and other physical needs will be fully taken care of with our professional home health aides.

It is important that incontinence care among seniors must be assessed in order to be able to devise a care plan that is effective. Our home caregivers will look at the appropriate pads suitable to the patient in reference to tissue viability nurse or incontinence health care specialists’ recommendation. All Care Home Health Servicescarers will make sure it is the right size, absorbency, material etc.

Step-by-step guide our home health aides recommended as listed by

1.Gather all the necessary materials such as a pack of cleaning wipes, barrier cream (A &D ointment or Desitin), disposable underpads, trash bins etc., and keep those within arm’s reach.

2.Changing the pad must be comfortable for you both. Position the patient whether on the floor, bed, or changing table.

3.Completely remove the pants or any garment below, blanket or any other things that can get in the way while you are working. Maintain dignity and privacy as always.

4.Undo diaper tapes and pull it back. It will be useful to keep the pad sealed just in case there is an accident.

5.Instruct patient to lift their bottom or place your forearm behind the knees of the client and push it reaching almost to the chest, this facilitates effective cleaning.

6.Put the under pad and wipe from front to back. Make sure you have cleaned it properly.

7.Fold up the diaper, and discard it on the trash bin.

8.Now, replace a clean pad. Apply cream as a barrier. Ensure that the pad is neither too loose nor too tight.

9.Put the clothing and the sheets back on and keep the patient comfortable.
All Care Home Health Service in 18th Avenue Brooklyn, New York provides unbeatable home care services to assist your adult and elderly loved ones especially with activities of daily living or personal routines. To learn more about us, you can visit our office at 6812 New Utrecht Avenue, Brooklyn, NY or check out our digital homepage at

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