Take Care of Those You Care About
senior with her caregiver
In New York, a program called Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program or CDPAP enables Medicaid-eligible patients to find, hire, manage, and, if needed, replace their home caregivers. The CDPAP gives care recipients more control over the level of care they receive and from whom such care will be from. With this direct control, consumers can make decisions independent from vendors or agencies who used to manage their care. The CDPAP is for the elderly, disabled, or individuals with health issues that in some way affect their independence or self-sufficiency. Personal Assistants hired by the consumer through CDPAP must be at least 18 years old. This excludes the assigned representative or guardian. Some other restrictions may apply.

Hire Someone You Know and Trust
Adjusting to the idea of getting care services from a stranger is often a challenge for many people. With CDPAP, you can turn this experience into a less stressful one – you no longer need to adjust to having a caregiver you don’t know. You get care directly from someone you trust. A PA could be a friend, neighbor, or even a family member, but cannot include a parent caring for a child under 21, a consumer’s spouse, or a consumer’s designated representative. All in all, the result leads to more positive healthcare outcomes.

Comfort and Care from Your Chosen Caregiver
senior and caregiver smilling
When you hire a caregiver from an agency, the caregiver matching process can be tedious. Sometimes, you end up getting assigned to a caregiver you don’t like, which means you might have to ask for a replacement or two. The turnover process can be difficult and this puts you at risk of getting abused or neglected in the process. With the Medicaid CDPAP, we remove all these hassles thereby giving you peace of mind in finding and hiring the caregiver of your choice and not just the caregiver who is left unassigned in an agency’s roster.

Better Living at Home
CDPAP lets you appoint a friend or a family member to be your caregiver. You achieve independence from home care agencies and take more control over the financial aspect of managing your caregiver too. Such arrangement has proven to yield positive results for many individuals and families. Having a caregiver that you’re familiar with eliminates the adjustment period. You already see eye to eye with your caregiver which promotes more favorable outcomes with day to day assistance, schedule coordination and other facets of the caregiving process.



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