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All You Need to Know about Skilled Nursing


All You Need to Know about Skilled Nursing

All Care Home Health Services: A Skilled Nursing and Health Care Service provider in 6812 New Utrecht Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11219.

When you are in search of quality home health services, you may have stumbled upon “skilled nursing.” What is the definition of skilled nursing? Should you avail of this service? In this article, we will be clearing out and educating ourselves what this word means and the effect it will have on the patient who receives such services.

What is skilled nursing?
In most quality home health services, skilled nursing is offered. Skilled nursing service includes:

  • Catheter care
  • Injections
  • IV treatments
  • Medication management
  • Respiratory care
  • Wound dressing
  • Vital signs monitoring

Who are the skilled nurses?
The skilled nurses or otherwise known as nursing assistants are those who have received proper training, education and certifications with regards to taking care of patients.

What must a skilled nurse or a nursing assistant posses?
A skilled nurse or a nursing assistant cannot be called “skilled” or an assistant if he or she does not have the following characteristics:

To be a professional nursing assistant, one must undergo training and the needed education in order to obtain a certification required by the state.

Nurses are known to be caring to their patients as they address their needs. This is also true for assistant nurses because they are dealing with human beings who have emotions

Nurses need to be patient in all the things they do. This should also be one of the most important characteristic a skilled nurse or a nursing assistant must have. Aside from providing personal care, these nurses work with different kinds of patients who have their own needs and situations.

Who needs skilled nursing?
Skilled nursing is offered to patients who have recently got out of the hospital and those who need help transitioning into new medical routines. This is to not discontinue and not put a hasty stop to the transition of being hospitalized to receiving home health care.

This home health care service can be very beneficial to patients who are:

  • Injured
  • Suffering from bed sores
  • Coping with a disability
  • Having a chronic illness
  • Facing the challenges of being a senior

Where can a patient get or receive skilled nursing?
As mentioned, skilled nursing is offered to people who are in need of home health services. This is also made available by hospitals, clinics and other health institutions. But if you want to get quality home health services, trust All Care Home Health Service: a health care service provider in 6812 New Utrecht Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11219.

In All Care Home Health Service, you can receive not only quality services from skilled nurses or nursing assistants but also personal care services. This service ranges from assisting the patients in eating, taking a bath, clothing and many more to home health aide.

To learn more of the services offered by All Care Home Health Service, you may reach us at 718-234-2273 or you may go to our website

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