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3 Commonly Seen Ways of Elder Abuse


3 Commonly Seen Ways of Elder Abuse

Aging is inevitable. Our parents will eventually reach the point that they cannot ignore their fine wrinkles and even control their legs. Eventually, they would need us almost all of the time, yet sad to say, we have our career and family to take care of. Then you decided to let them join an adult day program for thinking that they would absolutely be in a fine condition there.

Lately you discovered that there are some marks and bruises noticeable on their forearms, legs or skin. Based from their condition, it is apparent that they become less capable and frailer. Despite the fact that you would only want the best treatment for your aging parents, it would really be hard to fight against possible bullies.

There are a lot of cases wherein elder abuse is transpiring and is not even reported until now. There are possible factors that can affect. It might be that caregivers are already exhausted because of too much work and that they become less attentive and observant of the signs that are potential for elder abuse. Thus they sacrifice the safety of the patients. Sometimes, the elders’ existing condition and personal history are becoming hurdles to overcome.

It is very much important to be wise in deciding what is good for the elderly people. The following are the 3 commonly seen ways of elder abuse which are primarily combated by our All Care Home Health Services in 6812 New Utrecht Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11219:

1. Negligence
Imagine this kind of situation: An unaccompanied old man went to a vending machine to get a drink, but he got picked by a group of adults. The adults threatened him just to give them the change. The poor old man who wanted to defend himself, but just succumbed to his helplessness. If you see these types of scenes, do not ignore and stand in between the bullying.

2. Physical Abuse
Why the hell would someone hit an old man? Is it due to an accident? No. That certain someone was not thinking and shall be considered a failure to humanity. But let us try to understand him or her more. He or she might be overworked to the point that inappropriate force and cruelty was given to an elderly. These types of cruelty should be avoided.

3. Healthcare Misconducts
The perils of a profession is when you are swayed by the kindness of money and forget the promise that you made which is to commit, dedicate and be ethical in your field. Accepting a charge from the health care that was not even provided is never good news and we cannot blame you. However, our elders’ welfare is now being sacrificed. You must act upon the misconduct so that you will get your money’s worth.

Those are just some of the forms of elder abuse. Let us altogether prevent those that we have put a light into. That is the main principle our All Care Home Health Services in 6812 New Utrecht Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11219 is always provoking. We should listen to our elderly. Once we can sense an abuse to them, we should always act on it and protect them.

One last thing, offering All Care Home Health Services in 6812 New Utrecht Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11219 is a very tough settlement considering the many disagreements and discriminations of these services. However, we are trying to change that outlook. We always consider the welfare of everybody and that we assure you in our services.

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